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    Dogs are very afraid of heat, many people think that dogs do not have sweat glands. Actually, it’s a misunderstanding. Dogs have sweat glands. Following will help you learn about it.

    The sweat glands of cocky dogs are mainly the great sweat glands. It is also called the apocrine gland, which secretes a slightly viscous liquid. These liquids are often odorless, but after the processing of bacteria, they will emit a special smell.

    The dog’s four paws have small sweat glands. It is speculated that this is to keep the paws moist, so that their own smell dissolves in the sweat and leaves an odor footprint on the ground, which is very important for the dog’s social interaction. Small edition reminds: there are two kinds of sweat glands in dogs. The top plasma secretion sweat glands of large sweat glands are distributed in the whole body skin outside the sole of the foot, while the urinary glands of small sweat glands are only distributed in the skin of the sole of the foot. Both sweat glands can secrete sweat, but because the whole body of dogs is covered with hair, they are not as developed as the sweat glands of human skin, so dogs need to extend their tongue by opening their mouth, flow saliva, thick The breath of the wild gives off body heat.

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