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    There is little evidence to prove the origin of bloodhounds, but many authorities believe that bloodhounds were famous in Mediterranean countries long before the Christian era. It is known as the modern representative of the oldest breed of sniffer hound and indicator hound. Of course, centuries of selective breeding have changed its appearance with the breed praised by ancient people. However, its characteristics are so different that canine scientists have explored it throughout the dog history.

    English Name: Bloodhound, origin: Italy. Bloodhound is one of the oldest breed and purest bloodhounds in the world. It has a unique nose, which makes it have a good sense of smell. For prey, it can only track but never kill. Although it seems fierce, it is a good companion of children and a good pet at home. It is not only the star of the exhibition, but also often recruited by the police for tracking tasks. At the same time, it also appears in several films.

    This is a very lovely animal. Nickname: St. Hubert hound,
    Weight: (male) 40.82-49.90kg, (female) 36.29-45.36kg size: (male) 63.5-68.6cm, (female) 58.4-63.5cm.

    Bloodhound has a lot of significant characteristics, which all point out that he is a typical olfactory hunting dog. He is very strong and usually has a larger hunting range than other breeds of hounds. The texture of the skin (touch) is thin and very loose, which is more obvious in the head and neck. In these parts, the skin hangs loosely and has deep wrinkles. Bloodhounds appeared in Europe long before Jihad, with the first from Constantinople. There are two varieties of black and white. The black breed was the famous St. Hubert Hound of the 8th century, while the white breed later became the famous Southern hound. Black blood is imported into the UK. Both breeds play an important role in the development of other breeds of hounds and hounds.

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