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    Dogs are omnivorous animals, but most of them are fed with meat. What are their unique eating habits?

    1. Feed meat is the main food. Meat is the main food. When feeding, it is necessary to prepare more animal protein and fat in the feed, supplemented by vegetarian ingredients, to ensure the normal development and healthy physique of dogs.

    2. The digestive tract of dogs is shorter than that of herbivores. The content of hydrochloric acid in the stomach of dogs ranks first in domestic animals, and the absorption capacity of intestinal wall thickness is strong, so it is easy and suitable to digest meat food.

    3. Dogs like to chew bones. Dogs like to chew bones, which is also the habit left by the original ecology. We should often give it some bones when feeding (note, it is better not to use poultry bones, which may puncture the dog’s intestines.

    The dog has a unique self-defense ability, that is, after eating toxic food, it will cause vomiting reaction, and then spit out the toxic food.

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