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    Dutch Water Spaniel is a medium-sized hound. It is produced in Holland and is good at working in water. Loyal to the owner and reserved for strangers, it can be used as a good watchdog.

    1. Appearance. Dutch Water Spaniel are Compact, thick and square. No flabby skin, no fat or wrinkles in throat. Compared with the body, the head is larger, strong and powerful. The kiss is half the length of the head. The skull is slightly raised and wide. Auricle low, pendulous, spatulate. There is curly hair on the ear, the root of the ear is long, and the ear gradually shortens toward the tip of the ear. Eyes of medium size, ovate, not sunken or raised. Nose black or brown (consistent with dark coat). The neck is short and strong. The chest is wide and deep, and the distance between forelimbs is large due to the chest width. A short, well-developed back with a strong body and rounded ribs. The tail is long and curled on the back. The forelegs are strong and straight, the hind limbs are strong and moderately curved. Round feet, well developed invisible feet and strong pads. Except for the head and the lower part of the leg, the coat has thick curly hair. Strong oily curly hair. The short hair on the head is less oily. The coat colors are brown, black, or both mixed with white.

    2. Body type: Height 53-58cm; weight 15-20kg.

    3. Dogs with gentle temperament but stubborn personality have reservations to strangers. A good watchdog.

    4. Habit. Dutch Water Spaniel are Strong ability to work in water, strong desire to catch, sensitive smell, dense and oily waterproof coat is especially suitable for working in water and rough terrain or climate.

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