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    The North African hound, a large working dog, also called Sloughi, is produced in Morocco and has a long history.

    1. The appearance is beautiful, slender, well-developed skeleton, tall and elegant. The front leg is high and straight, the back leg is long and muscular. The head is narrow and long, the ears are of medium length, and the tip of the ears is slightly round, hanging on both sides. Big black eyes. Thin and long neck with wrinkled skin. Powerful back thighs and hips. Tight abdomen with obvious lifting. The tail is drooping and a little curly at the tip. The fur is hard and smooth, and the color of the fur is yellowish brown or with various stripes.

    2. Body type: Height: 61-72cm; weight: 20-27kg.

    3. Temperament. It has intelligent and independent character, and is an excellent companion dog and display dog. Old breed of dog, with traces of years flowing in its blood.

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