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    The Rottweiler is one of the most courageous and powerful dogs in the world. Once upon a time, the Rottweiler is mainly used to help the owner guard the sheep. With the development of pet industry, the Rottweiler has also become one of the family breed dogs, which is loved and appreciated by the owner. What kind of brave and handsome appearance does the Rottweiler have?

    The Rottweiler has a medium head length, a wide head, a short and thick snout, a raised forehead, two very enlarged foreheads, and wrinkles on the head. The distance between the two ears is wider, the forehead is moderately arched, the cheekbones are arched and the stop is clear, and the upper and lower jaws are very powerful. The whole facial expression is noble, with high self-confidence and vigilance.

    The position of the ear root on the head of the Rottweiler is higher, the size of the ear is medium, the ear is triangular and drooping, the size of the eye is medium, it is apricot shaped, and the color is mostly bronze. The nose is well developed and must be black. The height of the adult male is generally 63-69cm, and that of the female is 58-63cm. The base of the tail is higher and the whole tail is horizontal. The whole body of the Rottweiler is square, with strong trunk, broad chest, straight back and inclined waist. The body’s hair is short, straight, thick on the top and capillary on the bottom. The color of the hair is black. Its forelimbs are straight and muscular, while its hind limbs are curved with sharp angles.

    The whole foot is firm, the front foot is round, the back foot is slightly slender, the flesh toe is hard, the claws are short and black, the toes are raised, and there are marks like black pencil on the front of the toenail.

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