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    1. About 1.5 months, the fetal hair can be cut off; or when the weather is cold, such as the end of autumn, shaving can make the cold air stimulate the pores and make them grow more hair.
    2. Don’t dress the dog for a long time. It’s not good for fur.
    3.6 months or so can add natural prawn red element and natural seaweed powder to the food.
    4. Egg yolk and yoghurt can help animal fur to some extent, but due to the dog’s physiological structure problems, in order to avoid indigestion, a certain amount of feeding should be taken. No more than one yolk a day for dogs over 5 months old (do not feed the egg white, the egg should be cooked and cooled).
    5. Strengthen sports. Pores breathe smoothly to make hair grow healthily. Appropriate outdoor sports and sun exposure, but also get vitamin D, help calcium absorption, help bone growth.
    6. Teddy’s bath is very particular. As long as the used water doesn’t cause dandruff and dry the hair, it can be used continuously. When blowing the hair, don’t use the too hot hair dryer. It will dry up after a long time.

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