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    Belgian shepherd dogs are very smart and alert. They are very suitable for outdoor dogs. If your house is big enough, they can also adapt to the family environment. Now Belgian shepherds can be divided into four different types: short breed, black breed, variegated breed and bristle breed.

    Before the 19th century, there were many breeds of sheepdog in Belgium. Later, due to the reduction of the need to guard the sheep, the breeders bred these sheepdog to improve the four basic breeds with different colors of coat, namely, black long breed, short breed, mottled long breed and bristle breed. Fans of dogs think of these breeds as different forms of the same breed. In the United States, the following three dogs are regarded as different breeds, i.e. Belgian Shepherd black breed, variegated breed and bristle breed, but they have not been recognized in the United States so far. Before the early 20th century, the Belgian shepherd dog was widely used to guard sheep near Belgium, and now it is mainly used in the military and police circles, or used by tavern owners to protect themselves.

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