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    All know that dachshund is named because of its long body and short legs, and this special type of dog can catch mice, isn’t it very fun? Dachshunds were the first hunting dogs.

    1. The Dachshund is a kind of happy dog, which is lively, cheerful, brave, cautious, confident, intelligent, likes to make noise and often makes funny actions. It is easy to train, loyal to its master but wary of outsiders.

    2. The body of dachshund. Dachshund has any hair color, white spots or spots of various colors on its chest. The ears are always moving, broad and long, with high ear roots. The tail descends and bends along the dorsal bone with the tail end upward. The muscles of the front legs are strong and the back legs are parallel from the back. The front foot is high and the back foot is slightly smaller. The weight of standard dogs is 9-12kg, and that of small dogs is 4.5kg.

    3. The dachshunds have excellent sense of smell and great endurance. They are brave, energetic and tireless outdoors. Indoors, they are kind and sensitive. They are friendly when they are quiet. When they play, they need to be hilarious and alert when they are strangers.

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