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    If you want your Labrador grow up healthily and happily? Scientific diet is the key! It is suggested that parents spend more time to understand the basic knowledge of Lala feeding, so as to ensure the nutritional needs of Lala and avoid the impact of improper feeding on Lala health. Read this article together to learn!

    How to feed Labrador dogs?
    1. Feed the food prepared by the regular manufacturer.

    2. Do not feed stale or stale food.

    3. Always prepare a bowl of water.

    4. Don’t feed dogs with high protein cat food.

    5. Don’t give the dog food just taken out of the refrigerator.

    6. To pour out the unfinished canned food or the food that has become damp, don’t think it’s too wasteful. If the dog gets sick due to eating the stale food, it will be even worse.

    7. Throw away the leftover food every night. Don’t keep it in the dog’s bowl. It’s easy to attract bacteria and insects.

    8. Pay attention to the dog’s weight at any time, and don’t make him overweight.

    9. Don’t feed dogs, pigs and other hard and sharp bones.

    10. If your dog doesn’t eat for 24 hours, it’s obviously sick. Please call a veterinarian for examination immediately.

    How many times a day is Labrador fed? When will it be ready?
    The number of feedings per day is roughly as follows: from weaning to three months old: three to four times. Three to six months old: two to three times. Six months to one year old: twice. Over one year old: once or twice. The feeding time can match your work and rest time, but it’s not good to feed it. You should also consider the time of walking your pet dog after dinner and the time of urination, urination, urinal cleaning and dishes washing. Wash the bowl immediately after the meal, so that the residue will not lead to rats, cockroaches, ants, or too much food left to be spoiled by the sun and rain. At the same time, open the bowl so that it doesn’t get bored and play with the bowl, or even bite it. As for the amount to be fed, usually follow the instructions, and then adjust it according to whether there is any surplus in the last feeding.

    How much food is Labrador suitable for?
    It’s good to give a dog a full meal in seven minutes. Don’t overdo it. Let it lick the bowl and lick it to the brim. If you eat more and run and jump after dinner, it’s easy to spit out intact. When you want to change food for your dog, don’t change it all at once. Mix half of the new food every time. Try it for two or three days, gradually increase the new quantity, and then use the new food all the time a week later.

    Precautions for feeding Labrador dogs:
    1. Feeding in the same basin: several dogs in the same family may be willing to eat in the same basin, but pet king still suggests you: it is better to feed in separate basins.

    2. Overweight: if your dog is overweight, increase its activity, feed less food, or feed low calorie diet. In order to achieve the ideal weight, only 60% of the standard calories need to be fed.

    As the dog owner, we should pay attention to its feeding, scientific feeding, let it grow healthily and healthily

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