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    French Bulldog is a lively, intelligent and muscular dog with heavy skeleton, smooth coat, compact structure and medium or small size. The expression is alert, curious and interested.

    Proportion and symmetry of French Bulldog: all parts are evenly distributed, and each part has a very good relationship with other parts. No part is particularly prominent or lacking, which makes the whole lack of symmetry. Gender impact: compared with individuals of different genders, the requirements for females are relatively relaxed. In terms of characteristics, they are not as strict as those for males.

    Body size: Weight: no more than 28 pounds. More than 28 pounds is disqualification. Proportion: the distance from the shoulder to the ground is properly related to the length from the shoulder to the root of the tail, so it is compact, stable and even. Physique: developed muscles and heavy bones. The head is large and square. Eyes: dark color, wide distance, low position on the head, as far away from the ear as possible, round shape, medium size, neither concave nor prominent. Light colored dogs with slightly lighter eyes are acceptable. When he looked forward, the blink film and the whites of his eyes were not visible. Ear: it is the so-called bat ear. The root is wide and long, and the top is round. It is high in the head position, but not close to it. It is upright and the ear hole is facing forward. The texture of the auricle is delicate and soft. All ears except bat ears are disqualified. Head: top, flat between ears; forehead flat, but slightly arched. Muzzle: broad, deep, and backward; muscular cheeks. The stop is clear, because there are concave grooves between the eyes and heavy wrinkles, forming a soft roll on the very short nose; the nostril is wide, and there are clear lines between the nostrils. Nose glass: black. If the nose glass is any color other than black, it is disqualified (except for light colored dogs, the color of nose glass is allowed to be slightly lighter, but it is not ideal). The upper lip is black, thick and wide, hanging on both sides of the mandible, combining with the lower lip at the front to cover the teeth. The teeth are not visible when the lips are closed. The mandible is deep, square, wide, prominent, and upturned.

    Neck, back line and body. Neck: thick and round, with loose skin in throat. Back: arched, close behind the shoulder blades, slightly collapsed; strong, short, wide at the shoulder blades, narrow at the waist. Body: short and round. Chest: wide, deep and plump, with good rib support and abdominal lifting. Tail: straight or spirally (but not curly), short, pendulous, thick at base, thin at tip. Sagging at rest. Forequarters: Forelegs: short and “short and fat”, straight, muscular and wide in distance. Wolf claw: can be removed. Feet: medium size, compact and stable. The toes are compact, the upper part is split, the joints of the toes are high, and the toenails are short and thick.

    Hindquarters: Hindlegs: Strong and muscular, longer than the forelegs, making the waist slightly higher than the shoulder blades. Hock position low. Feet: medium size, compact and stable. The toes are compact, the upper part is split, the joints of the toes are high, and the toenails are short and thick. The hind paw is slightly longer than the front. The coat is fine, smooth, short and smooth. The skin is soft and loose, especially in the head and scapula, forming wrinkles.

    Color: Allowed colors: Tiger spot, camel, white, tiger spot with white, and other colors (except for disqualified colors). All other colors are acceptable except pure black, mouse, liver, black with brown, black with white or white with black. Black means black without tiger spots.

    Gait: Correct gait refers to double track, including stretching and driving; the movement is unrestrained, stretched and strong. Temperament: An appropriate, adaptable and comfortable partner with a loving nature and calm temperament; usually active, alert and naughty, but without inappropriate noise.

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