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    Guide dog guide dog is also widely known as a kind of working dog. The most familiar one is the tearful movie guide dog. The guide dog with strict training can help the blind go out. They are used to the constraints of neckband, guide traction belt and other accessories. They know a lot of passwords and can lead the blind to walk safely. When they meet obstacles and need to turn, they will also guide the owner to stop to avoid danger.
    The history of guide dogs can be traced back to the early 19th century. In 1819, a man named Hale John founded the world’s first guide dog training institution in Vienna. “Guide dog training guide” textbook also came out later. But it didn’t get much attention at the time. Almost a hundred years later, people began to pay attention to guide dogs, because after the first World War, many German soldiers lost their eyesight. Doctor zhehad opened the world’s first guide dog training school in Germany.
    In 1928, Ms. Eustace, an American, established a blind Training Institute called the seeing eye in Switzerland. The guide dog and its training were known to the rest of the world because of her introduction. In 1931, Ms. Eustace officially opened a guide dog training school in Britain. In the following years, guide dogs were introduced to Australia and the rest of the world.
    At present, guide dogs are used in 60 countries in the world, and there are 110 guide dog associations, most of which are non-profit charitable organizations.
    There are many breeds of dogs that can be trained as guide dogs, but the common breeds are Labrador, golden retriever, German wolfhound, Poodle dog, etc. Like little q is Labrador. There are also some planned breeding and mating, such as the guide dog Ohara is the golden Labrador. The vast majority of guide dogs are puppies with excellent pedigree. This is not vanity, but because as a working dog, for human safety and training costs, it must be very clear about its pedigree. There should be no record of attacking humans and no history of genetic diseases. Dogs that are generally trained to guide the blind belong to two breeds, golden retriever and Labrador.
    According to the introduction, “these two kinds of dogs are moderate in size and easy to lead; they are gentle and gentle in character, not easily affected by external stimulation, and will not leave their owners at will.”
    If we meet a guide dog on the road, we should follow the following principles.
    No feeding: never feed guide dogs! After avoiding the guide dog contact with human food, it is easy to be distracted by the food and make the owner dangerous! Don’t touch: don’t touch without telling the owner. The guide dog will be distracted. Do not yell: Do not intentionally make any sound to attract the attention of the guide dog, so as to avoid the risk of distraction of the guide dog which may cause vision disability. No rejection: the guide dog is the eye of the visually disabled. It will cause great inconvenience to refuse the guide dog to accompany them. The law of the people’s Republic of China on the protection of the disabled amends that guide dogs can freely enter and leave public transportation and public places, and shall not refuse to enter or put forward other conditions attached.
    One question: Active inquiry: in case of vision disabled person with guide dog, whether accompanied or not, please ask if you need help, and provide assistance after obtaining consent.

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