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    Is Beagle suitable for watching home? Beagles are cute in appearance and lively in character, but they are very alert, so they are relatively suitable for watching home. Beagle is a hunting dog. The best training time for Beagle is between 2-6 months old. If you want to train a beagle dog to watch the house, you should pay attention to training beagles at this time.

    Many owners hold different views on whether beagles can watch the house. Some owners think they can complete the task well, while others think they are not suitable for watching the house. It is necessary to train, train and guide a beagle from an early age if he wants to finish the task of looking after his family excellently. If you want your dog to do a good job of watching the house, you need to train him. During the whole training process, guide the Beagle dog. When a stranger enters the house, start barking to remind the family. At the same time, we should force strangers into the corner and wait for the master’s development. This is the highest warning for dogs to watch the house. It can not only remind the owner to pay attention in time, but also not attack and bite people impulsively.

    Training beagles must be persistent, not give up halfway. In the process of training, we should also treat the pet dog strictly and make clear the rewards and punishments. If the Beagle dog can perform the training task well, the parents should praise and praise him without hesitation; of course, if the Beagle Dog escapes from training and does something bad, the parents should also just scold him. In fact, the Beagle dog’s naturally alert character is very suitable for watching home, but it still needs a little training. After receiving good training, it is believed that beagle dogs will be able to perform the task of house keeping very well.

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