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    The fur of Beveren Rabbits is the most blue. Later on, white and black varieties are slowly discovered. The two ears of Beveren rabbits are erect and V-shaped, and the ears are wide but relatively short. It is a small pet. The rabbit breed is very popular with everyone.

    The appearance of Beveren Rabbit

    Beveren rabbits have long tubular ears (the ear length is several times greater than the ear width); a tufted short tail, strong hind legs that are much longer than the forelegs. Living on the ground, you are good at running, with wide back nostrils, and full oxygen supply when running; newborn rabbits have hair on their bodies, open eyes, and hearing ears. They will run soon, commonly known as rabbits. Oryctolagus young rabbits are born without hair, eyes closed, and ears without hearing. They only grow hair after 7 days. They have hearing when they open their eyes and require maternal care.

    Eye Color of Beveren Rabbit

    The color of rabbit eyes is related to the color of their fur. Black rabbits have black eyes, gray rabbits have gray eyes, and white rabbits have transparent eyes. The bloodshot eyes (capillaries) in the white rabbit’s eyes reflect the outside light, and the transparent eyes appear red. Rabbits with gray pigment have gray hair and eyes; rabbits with melanin have black hair and eyes. There is no pigment in the body of the little white rabbit. Its eyes are colorless. The red we see is the color of blood, not the color of the eyeballs, so its eyes are naturally red.

    Main Points of Raising Beveren Rabbit

    Bivalen rabbits are full of herbivores. For Bivalen rabbits, hay is more suitable for eating than fresh grass. Some rabbit food is also a good choice. Some owners will add some ham sausage to the snacks. This is very incorrect behavior. There are many food taboos than Warren rabbits. The following introduces what is healthier than Warren rabbits.

    1. Change the feed slowly: Than Warren Rabbit has the ability to digest the feed that is often fed. If the feed is changed suddenly, it will become unsuitable and easily cause gastrointestinal problems. Therefore, it is necessary to change the feed gradually and gradually. The food intake at night accounts for more than 75% of the entire day. Therefore, we must pay attention to adding enough feed and drinking water to Beveren rabbits at night.

    2. Don’t interrupt the forage: There are many microorganisms that can secrete cellulase in the cecum of Beveren Rabbit, which has a strong ability to decompose crude fiber. However, the residence time is shorter after the feed enters the gastrointestinal tract. Don’t interrupt the feeding of the forage to prevent the food mass from compacting, blocking the cecum and causing cecal vermis. Each adult rabbit is fed 0.5 to 1.0 kg of fresh grass or green grass every day. Feeding is more regular and quantitative than Warren rabbits, adult rabbits 4 times a day, baby rabbits 4-6 times a day, each feeding 70% to 80% full, do not add too often or too full to prevent diarrhea, abdominal distension .

    3. To feed the compound material: The feed should be reasonably matched, and not a single feed. The various nutrients in the diet of Beveren rabbits are: crude protein, crude fiber each 10%, fat 5%, each kilogram of diet contains 2800 calories of digestion, 10% of amino acids. Reference formula: 28% wheat bran, 15% soybean cake, 15% barley, 50% corn, 20% rice bran, 5% fish meal, 5% rapeseed cake or cottonseed cake, 1.5% auxin, 0.5% salt. Each adult rabbit is fed 100 to 150 grams per day. If compound feed is fed unconditionally, concentrates such as soybeans, bean cake, bran, corn and juicy feed such as carrots should be added.

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