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    The Campbell’s Desert Hamster is the most irritable kind of hamster. It is very similar in appearance to the Djungarian Hamster, and the individual difference is not very obvious. Some Campbell’s Desert Hamster have red eyes.

    Campbell’s Desert Hamster is easy to confuse with Djungarian Hamster. The way to distinguish is that the stripes on the back of Djungarian Hamster are more obvious.

    Breeding Knowledge of Campbell’s Desert Hamster

    The Campbell’s Desert Hamster is the most grumpy of the hamsters. Because of this, it is also relatively cheap in the market. If you raise it in the family, don’t deliberately anger it. So what do you need to know when raising it?

    Just leave the new Campbell’s Desert Hamster in the observation cage for a week. On the one hand, the line of hamsters can adapt to the smell, sound and temperature of the new home. On the other hand, you can also use this time to train the line of hamsters to go to the toilet and let the Campbell’s Desert Hamster get used to interacting with me. One thing to note is, remember to call the Campbell’s Desert Hamster’s name all the time, so that the Campbell’s Desert Hamster can respond to the name. You can put a napkin in its cage, and the Campbell’s Desert Hamster will lay a warm bed on its own.

    Campbell’s Desert Hamster are nocturnal animals. They sleep during the day and move only at night. They are usually most active until 19-22 o’clock (some 0-4 o’clock). Therefore, the main proprietor is to give Shushu a good rest during the day and play with Shushu at night. Any change in the habits of nocturnal animals can easily lead to short life. Why do hamsters always hide? Because hamsters originally live in caves in the desert, they will sleep in the caves during the day to avoid attacks from wild animals. It is their instinct for them to hide in the dark, and they think that the dark is safe. But if hamsters get along with people for a long time, their alertness will be lower, and their wild instincts will also be changed, so they can sleep in any place.

    Feeding Points of Campbell’s Desert Hamster

    The Campbell’s Desert Hamster like to eat food with melon seeds and tears. The melon seeds can not only meet their food requirements, but also play a role in grinding teeth. It should be noted that you should not feed too much sunflower seeds. Sunflower seeds are high-calorie products. Campbell’s Desert Hamster eat too much. It’s easy to get fat, but it is also easy to get lipoma. Regarding the diet of Campbell’s Desert Hamster, we can refer to the following.

    1. Water must be supplied and the drinking water must be changed every two days for Campbell’s Desert Hamster.
    2. Do not feed too much of the fruits and vegetables at one time, which may cause death of the wet tail. Most fruits and vegetables contain pesticides, please wash them with water and dry them before feeding. Do not feed fruits and vegetables with too much moisture.
    3. The snack part is matched with the staple food. The snack is increased. Please reduce the staple food. Don’t give too much snacks. Campbell’s Desert Hamster that get fatten up are easy to get sick.
    4. Please keep the feed and snacks in an airtight jar, and store them in the refrigerator. Please discard the food that breeds insects and ants.

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