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    Doberman is a strong and compact large breed. Many people doubt that Doberman is suitable for domestic breeding? It’s true that Dobermans are bigger and need enough space to run and move, and they like to bite. But they are friendly, loyal to their families, and kind to their children. So is Doberman suitable for domestic breeding? Following will talk about it.

    For today’s people, many are in a hurry. Busy work makes people have no leisure time, but raising a pet may give a little comfort to their tired heart. Dobermans are strong, they need enough exercise to exercise themselves, so the problem of time becomes a problem for breeders. The Doberman is a good family member for people who have more time. They are friendly and loyal. Although they like to bite, they have a very high training level. Good training can improve this problem.

    So the key to the question of whether Doberman is suitable for domestic breeding is the situation of the breeder. If you are willing to take a little time to exercise with it, the answer to this question is yes. Doberman is very suitable for domestic breeding.

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