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    Now more and more owners like to give their dogs snacks. They think that dogs without snacks are incomplete. Is snacks a necessity for dogs?

    There are also many opinions about this problem. Some people think that the nutrition of dogs can be enough in the dog food at ordinary times, so it is unnecessary to give them extra snacks, because too much snacks will cause dogs to refuse to eat well; some owners think that snacks can help dogs and owners to warm up their feelings, and it is not inadvisable to give some properly.

    Based on the above statements, Following are summed up the precautions for dog snacks for you:
    1. Pay attention to the ingredients and appearance of the snacks. Whether there is any excess pigment or additive and there are too bright and unnatural color on the appearance.
    2. It’s better not to let pets form the habit of having snacks every day.

    3. The best time to give snacks is when they do something you are happy with. Let them know that you can reward them for doing something, and let them know that you are the one who can decide whether to reward them for their snacks.

    4. Excessive snacks may definitely cause pet obesity. When the dog and cat are getting a little out of shape, we should pay attention to whether the snacks should be reduced.

    5. When the pet doesn’t eat, don’t replace the dinner with snacks.

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