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    Giant Pangasius is a large-scale ornamental fish. Generally, the length of the domesticated fish can be as long as half to one meter. If it grows in the wild, it may be as long as three meters. They are active in the middle and lower water areas and have a fierce temperament, so they are not suitable to be mixed with other fishes. Their suitable growth temperature is 22-28 degC. Is Giant Pangasius easy to raise?

    The requirements for the environment are not particularly high. The Giant Pangasius has excellent hypoxia tolerance and strong adaptability. However, there is little resistance to low temperature, which will seriously affect the survival of Giant Pangasius. The most suitable water temperature for Giant Pangasius is 22-28 degC, and when the water temperature reaches 18 degC, Giant Pangasius will become sluggish; once the water temperature drops to 12 degC, Giant Pangasius will start to die. For the low temperature Giant Pangasius, it’s true that they don’t give face at all. They say they die. But for pH, Genghis can adapt to pH 5.0-7.5.

    Giant Pangasius is easy to raise but hard to cultivate?It’s not a simple thing to raise Giant Pangasius well. Giant Pangasius is omnivorous fish, small fish, zooplankton and so on are their rations. There are aquatic plants, artificial feed, etc. Mainly Giant Pangasius grow fast and eat more. In order to satisfy the growth of Giant Pangasius, it needs enough nutrition, especially the proportion of protein to 28% -32%. In particular, the growth of the fry is more rapid. Generally, it can reach 0.6kg when it is raised for about four months. However, the rate of maturity of Giant Pangasius is not fast. Generally, it takes three to four years for Giant Pangasius to mature sexually. To reproduce, it needs to weigh more than 3kg.

    Generally speaking, this kind of fish is not difficult to raise. It has good physique and is not easy to get sick. People who like large-scale ornamental fish can choose to raise this type of fish.

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