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    Glass Catfish is a kind of fish, not a cat. They are unique in appearance. They have two long tentacles that will swing back and forth with their heads, and their bodies are transparent. Their internal organs and fishbones are clearly visible. Mild temperament, for the water temperature and water quality requirements are very high, so is Glass Catfish easy to raise? How to raise a Glass Catfish?

    Glass Catfish like weak acid soft water and old water. The most suitable water temperature is 22-28 degC. During feeding, the water quality and water temperature must be strictly required. During feeding, attention should be paid to the water quality added to meet the requirements. Drying treatment for 11 days and 15 days should be used instead of chlorination treatment with chemical reagent solution, such as water temperature change. It often moves in the middle of the water and has a drooping tail. Do not choose to eat, like to eat live food, such as fish and nematodes, etc.

    Glass catfish are gentle. They like to be together. Afraid to be alone. If a person leaves, it’s easy to die. It is suitable for population breeding, because the population is small, it can be mixed with mild and slow fish. The hardness of alkaline water should not exceed 10 degrees. The proper water temperature is 22. 26。 Live bait, such as water earthworm, branch angle, halogen, up to 8 cm of natural water.

    Glass catfish is easy to raise. As long as we pay attention to the concentration of nitrite in the water and provide nutrition bait, of course, other water quality and water temperature requirements are not ignored.

    1. Activated carbon filter water: put activated carbon into a plastic or enamel drum, and let tap water flow in from the water inlet at the bottom and out from the water outlet at the top. The filtered water is stored in aquarium or other containers, which can be used for daily feeding and breeding of common tropical fish.

    2. Filtration of water by ion exchange resin: the ion exchange resin is used as the filter material, and the calcium ion, magnesium ion and nitrite in the water can be adsorbed by the adsorption capacity of anion exchange resin.

    3. Deionized water: also known as distilled water. It is usually obtained by electrodialysis and electrolysis, and the water quality is very pure. The quality of deionized water is very soft and its oxygen content is very low, so it is not suitable for feeding water. In use, the method of mixing with clean water is often used to obtain water quality with different hardness and pH, so as to meet the needs of different breed of breeding water. Glass Catfish can also be mixed with some small fish with mild temperament.

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