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    Generally speaking, Golden Retriever’s obedience is relatively high, which we can see from Golden Retriever’s being selected as guide dog. As long as they are properly trained, golden retrievers can listen to their owners. But Training Golden Retrievers is a long-term and arduous process. When golden retrievers are small, their owners should start to train them.

    In training, the owner should pay special attention to his own methods, because improper training may bring many negative effects, so even when the dog makes a mistake, the owner should guide the dog patiently. In addition to basic life skills training, some owners will also give dogs some expansion training, such as training dogs to learn to shake hands. In order to achieve better training results, many owners will use food as a reward. It should be noted that the reward needs to be changed according to the difficulty of training. If the difficulty of training is low, the owner doesn’t need to give the dog too much reward. If the dog has completed a difficult training, it can give the dog something that is difficult to get as reward. At the same time, training dogs also need to pay attention to the length of time. If the time is too long, dogs may also get bored, so the owner must control the training time.

    In addition, after the dog learns a skill, the owner also helps the dog to consolidate and review constantly to deepen the dog’s memory. If you encounter some problems that you can’t solve during the training, the host can consult the relevant professionals.

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