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    Havana rabbit is a typical artificially bred breed. There are two coat colors, one is chocolate color and the other is blue variant. After continuous cultivation and improvement, Havana rabbit has become a relatively excellent breed for fur. Many people I like to keep it as a pet rabbit.

    Appearance Characteristics of Havana rabbits

    Havana rabbit is native to the Netherlands, because its coat color resembles Havana cigar, so it is called Havana rabbit. This breed has a thick coat, a uniform chocolate color all over, with a purple luster, and the base of the hair is gray-blue. It has a short body, a wide waist, well-developed hindquarters, short and erect ears, a close distance between the ears, large prominent eyes, and the same color as its coat.

    Two strains of Havana Rabbit: This breed has two strains: chocolate and blue. The chocolate-colored Havana rabbit was born by a Dutch female rabbit in 1898. It was bred with some mutants, and its weight and size were improved with rabbits of Himalayan descent, and a new Havana breed was gradually formed. The new breed was soon Extend to France, Germany, Switzerland and other countries. The blue variant was bred after the Havana rabbit was imported into the United States in 1916. It has a soft coat, blue and shiny, plump and strong body, and a weight of 2.3 to 3.2 kg.

    Feeding Points of Havana Rabbit

    Havana Rabbit do not require much food. If they are raised as pet rabbits, the combination of hay and rabbit food is a good choice, but if they are raised as economic rabbits in rural areas of our country, they must be considered on the basis of nutrition. To the question of economic efficiency.

    1. Feeding of Havana rabbits: In the process of feeding Havana rabbits, the owner shall prepare food and water for the rabbits regularly every day, and replace them in time to keep the food and water fresh and clean. In summer, we must do a good job of preventing heat and reducing heat, and in winter, we must do a good job of preventing cold and keeping warm. In order to better grow Havana rabbits, in daily life, the owner should also guide Havana rabbits to exercise properly to promote blood circulation and enhance body resistance.

    2. Economic breeding method of Havana rabbits: Rabbits in rural areas generally still use the same method of feeding all grasses in the past. What kind of feeding will cause the rabbits to have a single feed, poor growth and development, reduced production performance, and low economic benefits. To overcome the above factors, it is necessary to change the habit of single feeding grass, make full use of local agricultural and sideline products resources, such as peanut stems, sweet potato vines, corn oranges, etc., and feed rabbits with mixed materials. And according to the needs of different periods, timely collect plantain, houttuynia, dandelion, mugwort, garlic stem and other weeds with Chinese herbal effects that have health effects on Havana rabbits to make feed additives, and regularly add them to the feed to feed the rabbits to enhance The resistance of the rabbit body reduces the occurrence of diseases and reduces the cost of raising rabbits.

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