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    It’s not surprising that dogs and cats eat fish, but how about giving them fish? We often see some pet related fish nutrition products on the market. Can dogs eat them?

    Dogs can only eat fish directly, and a whole fish with a thorn can never be given to dogs, because small fishbone is easy to catch the dog’s throat, and it will hurt the throat and stomach if it is serious.

    In fact, it is also very good for the dog to eat some fish properly. In addition to cleaning the bones in advance, the fish should also be cooked and then fed to the dog. In your life, you can buy some salmon, match it with some other ingredients, and make it into dog food to feed your dog.

    However, it should be noted that many dogs will have allergic symptoms to seafood and other foods. In fact, dogs are better not to eat fish. Fish bones can easily hurt their throat and stomach. If dogs do not have allergic reactions, they can eat food with the same nutrition as fish.

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