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    French Bulldog is a popular breed recently, but the breed of French Bulldog has a large head and bone, so the probability of dystocia is relatively large in the process of reproduction, so many parents have questions, can these conditions be delivered smoothly? Is it easier for a French Bulldog to give birth to a puppy?

    This still depends on the situation. The French Bulldog can give birth at first. Because the conditions are getting better and better, people are too doting, less exercise, and less birth canal exercise. So if you find that your dog is going to be born but hasn’t been born for a long time, you’d better take it to the hospital, because some dogs will die if they can’t be born.

    Dog Dystocia situation 1: Weak pain. Some female dogs, due to insufficient strength in production, or slight strength only at the beginning of the pain, plus the lack of exercise on weekdays, lack of exercise in muscles and bones, will cause weak pain. Some female dogs are afraid of pain, obesity, or dissatisfied with the production environment, which is also easy to cause weak pain. On the other hand, the weak pain may also be caused by the low calcium content in the female dog’s blood, or by the inactivity of the hormone causing the pain.

    Dog dystocia II: narrow birth canal. The fetus is not big, but it can not be delivered smoothly. At this time, it is probably caused by the narrow pelvis of the female dog itself, which makes the fetus unable to pass through, or the incomplete or narrow vagina development. If so, ask a veterinarian to perform a caesarean section. Dog dystocia situation three: fetal position is not correct. During childbirth, the fetus is not delivered first with the head according to the normal situation, but takes other incorrect positions to advance to the birth canal, which we call fetal malposition. Some incorrect placentation can still produce successfully, and some of them become the decisive dystocia. Therefore, if the pain is strong and the time is urgent, but the fetus still cannot be born, it is necessary to doubt whether the placentation is incorrect. Generally, fetal malposition can be diagnosed by X-ray.

    It’s hard to take care of the French Bulldog during pregnancy, especially to prepare for delivery. It’s really necessary to pay attention to the production time of the French Bulldog all the time, so as to avoid the dog’s death. Especially in the last few days, parents should pay more attention.

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