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    It’s necessary to have a regular physical examination for the dog. It’s not bad to say that the dog’s body is good or bad. It’s easy for the young dog to have all kinds of problems, but it’s not too bad for the adult dog who is normally raised reasonably. However, many problems are not judged by our naked eyes, and the tolerance of dogs is much stronger than ours, so if there is any problem, they will not show it immediately, but when they show their discomfort, it means that the condition is serious, so it seems that it is necessary to carry out physical examination for dogs regularly. The occurrence of some diseases has a certain process. Many owners always think that dogs are in good health, but when there is something wrong with dogs, they are often at a loss. For example, dogs usually clearly eat well, and may suddenly eat poorly, sometimes shaking. This indicates that the kidney of the dog may have some pathological changes unconsciously. Relevant animal medicine experts pointed out that dog lovers are used to waiting for dogs to get sick before taking them to see doctors. In fact, it’s a little late. Many diseases are difficult to treat after having obvious symptoms. It’s crucial to find diseases in the early stage, so regular physical examination is more important.
    It’s necessary for the newly bought dogs to do infectious disease test. Dogs will say when they are not comfortable, and even if they are not comfortable, they may not show it. Therefore, the real significance of regular physical examination for dogs is to find out potential diseases that have not fully manifested symptoms, reduce the harm of diseases to the lowest level, and prevent them from happening. In this way, we can not only find the problem of dogs as early as possible, but also cure them at the early stage of the disease, and improve the cure rate of the disease. The general physical examination for dogs includes biochemical examination and routine examination.
    For example, doctors will use B-ultrasound to check whether there is abnormal disease such as tumor in the cat and dog; check whether there is parasite in the pet’s ear, and also touch whether there is a lump; check whether there is abnormal dropping of fur, and determine whether it is caused by psychological factors or diseases; check whether there is concave convex phenomenon in the eyeball, whether there is abnormal secretion or infection in the pupil reaction and cornea; check Lymph nodes are swollen or not; touch the abdomen to see if there is a mass or if the abdomen has flatulence, abnormal protuberance and other symptoms. Biochemical examination can also determine the dog’s various physical indicators, whether the state is good.
    In fact, a physical examination should be done for the puppy just bought back, among which three infectious diseases should be tested. In the early stage, the dog will not show any obvious symptoms, and some bad businesses will inject them with stimulants to make the dog look more energetic, so that they are very energetic. Therefore, it is necessary to check the dog regularly, which can not only find the potential diseases early, but also reduce the harm of diseases to the dog. The cure rate of some diseases is much higher when diseases are found as early as possible. Just like infectious diseases, the cure rate at the early and later stages of the disease is very different, and the damage to the dog’s body is also very different. Therefore, for the sake of the dog’s health, it’s better to have a regular physical examination for the dog every year to ensure its health.

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