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    Golden Retriever is famous for its honesty and steadiness. Now there are many parents who raise golden retriever. In the process of raising golden retriever, they will find all kinds of problems. Is it normal for golden retriever to have red tongue? Will it be caused by any disease? Is it normal for a golden retriever to have a red tongue?

    Generally speaking, golden tongue should be pink if it is not red. If the tongue and gums are pink and white, it means golden hair anemia. There are many causes of golden hair anemia. The common causes of anemia are nutritional anemia, hemorrhagic anemia, hemolytic anemia and aplastic anemia. In addition to haemorrhagic anemia, which is relatively easy to solve, other reasons can only be solved by combining with the veterinary doctor’s advice, proper medication and diet supplement.

    When there is anemia in golden hair, we should first improve the diet structure of golden hair. We should prepare some balanced and comprehensive food to feed the golden hair, and pay attention to the proper supplement of nutrition and vitamins, such as grain powder rich in grains or dog goat milk powder, etc. In addition, some hematopoiesis materials should be supplemented properly for golden hair, such as direct consumption of nourishing blood, liver essence, Shengxuebao and other nutrients rich in hematopoiesis materials, and with protein powder and high-quality dog food. If ulcer like wounds can be seen on golden hair’s tongue, it means that it lacks vitamins and has oral ulcer, which causes the tongue to turn red. In this case, golden hair can be fed with some foods rich in vitamin B, and it can also be allowed to eat more soft food to avoid stimulating the ulcer part and affecting the appetite of golden hair.

    Another point is that the redness of the Golden Retriever’s tongue is not necessarily the problem of disease. Parents can observe whether the golden retriever has eaten something red and stained, such as pitaya fruit. If you want to judge the good situation and then treat it, you are not sure that parents should take it to the pet hospital.

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