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    Many friends who want to keep dogs are very concerned about the dog’s body odor. Generally speaking, it’s normal for dogs to have a slight body odor, but as long as the owner is properly maintained, it won’t cause much trouble to your life. In order to make the dog have a more fresh body odor, the owners will use various methods, but some methods can cover up the dog’s body odor for a while, but long-term use will bring damage to the dog, the owners must not try.

    1. The smell of a dog can not be removed by spray perfume. The reasons are as follows: first, perfume is a temporary solution, and sometimes the smell of dogs is not covered with perfume. This is really a waste of perfume for dogs. Secondly, dogs have a keen sense of smell, and their attitudes towards perfume may be totally opposite to yours. Allergic to perfume. If you use perfume for dogs, you may cause various allergic symptoms.

    2. There is a mistake in not having to take a bath too often. Taking a bath regularly can reduce your dog’s body odor, but taking a bath too frequently is another extreme. The sebum secretion of the dog body is at a constant level. Frequent bathing will destroy the balance. Once the balance is broken, you may find that the dog’s hair becomes rough, the body often drops dandruff, and there are red spots on the skin, etc.

    Three points for attention in judging whether the dog’s body odor is abnormal:
    1. Some dogs are born with heavy body odor, but this does not mean that their bodies must have problems. For example, cocker spaniel, Pekinese and other dogs have heavy body odor, while Chihuahua, butterfly dog, Poodle dog and so on have relatively light body odor. The owner needs to make a good identification and distinction.

    2. Under normal circumstances, the dog’s body odor will be significantly reduced after taking a bath. If the dog still has a heavy body odor after taking a bath, the owner needs to find the source of the odor immediately and handle it properly in time. If he can’t solve the problem himself, he should be referred to a veterinary doctor for diagnosis and treatment.

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