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    It’s necessary for younger dogs to wear clothes to keep warm. It’s not necessary for many dogs to wear clothes. For example, Alaska and Samoa, which have a large amount of hair, can better resist the cold and stimulate their fur growth. However, childhood is a critical period. Even long haired dogs are easy to suffer from cold diseases at this time. Therefore, it is necessary for young dogs to wear a dress to resist the cold. Although many puppies are more than two months old when they are brought home, they may not have been vaccinated in the kennel for cost reasons. So it’s best to vaccinate the dog after he has adapted to the environment and is in good health.
    If the weather is cold, the dog is not vaccinated or just vaccinated, you can also choose suitable clothes for them. Although many clothes have limited thermal insulation effect, the effect of blocking the wind is better, which can prevent the dog from catching cold to a certain extent. The other clothes don’t need to be worn on the dog all the time. If the indoor temperature is high, you don’t need to worry about the dog’s catching cold. It’s easy for some long haired puppies to get knotted with fur when wearing clothes all the time. So if the puppies are dressed, it’s best to help them comb their coat every day.
    Finally, it should be noted that the clothes should be taken out and dried regularly or cleaned regularly, so as to prevent the bacteria on the clothes from infecting the dog’s skin and causing skin problems.

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