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    The Rhinelander Rabbit is one of the pet rabbit breeds. There are not many breeds in our country. The typical characteristic of the Rhinelander Rabbit is the “three flowers”. The so-called three flowers are white coats with two color markings. This situation is very common in the world of cats, but such rabbits are definitely characteristic.

    Morphological Characteristics of Rhinelander Rabbit

    The most distinctive feature of the appearance of the Rhinelander Rabbit is the color of the fur. The fur color of the Rhinelander Rabbit is pure three colors, usually with black and yellow markings on the white background. Such patterns are relatively rare on the body length of rabbits. Pet rabbit breeding.

    1. Appearance of Rhinelander Rabbit: The standard weight of this rabbit is 6.5-10 kg, which is one of the medium-sized rabbits. Originated from Germany, it is one of the original tricolor rabbits. The body is cylindrical, with a quick appearance, with spots on both sides, a long black streak on the spine, and black hair around the eyes and nose.

    2. Purchase of Rhinelander Rabbit: Before deciding to raise a pet rabbit or other animals, please consider carefully. Rhinelander Rabbit has its cute side, and of course there is also a troublesome side. You have to take care of his daily life, diet and clean up. It takes a lot of time and effort to defecate and hair-care. If it becomes ill, the medical expenses are not cheap. But anyway, from the moment you decide to take your pet rabbit home, you have the responsibility to take care of it for a lifetime. No matter how troublesome your pet is, you must take good care of it and be a good and responsible owner!

    Main points of Feeding Rhinelander Rabbit

    Rhinelander Rabbit has the habit of clenching teeth, so no matter what kind of food, it will bite. We can’t judge whether it really likes to eat, and we must also know which foods cannot be fed, so that we can feed scientifically. , In order to ensure the health of the Wieland rabbit.

    1. The food that Wieland rabbit likes: There are many vegetables that rabbits love, such as cabbage, cabbage, cabbage heart, cabbage heart, small tang cabbage, Chinese lettuce, lettuce, yellow teeth white, baby cabbage, mustard greens, etc. They will all love the vegetables. Among them, bok choy is not suitable to be fed because of its high oxalate content; watercress is generally not to be purchased after raining, because there is a greater chance of leeches; carrots are high in sugar and should only be used For snacks, it’s okay to eat more leaves; celery must be cut into small pieces when feeding; and some rabbits with broccoli can cause flatulence, so not all the vegetables that rabbits like can be eaten by them, many of them Pay attention to it.

    2. The staple food of the Rhinelander Rabbit: The main food for adult rabbits is hay, followed by fresh vegetables and dry food. Any snacks can be avoided. You can feed fresh fruits once or twice a week. The rabbit is already very happy! Hay is very important to rabbits’ gastrointestinal and dental health, and can help expel swallowed hairs, so an unlimited supply is needed. Hay is a must in the healthy diet of pet rabbits.

    Three, Rhinelander Rabbit feeding precautions: Finally, all fruits and vegetables must be thoroughly cleaned. The amount of feeding depends on the size of the leaf and the size and physique of the rabbit. Do not give the rabbit several foods that it has not eaten at the same time. If the rabbit has not eaten a dish, just give a few rabbits a try at the beginning, about half to one slice.

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