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    For a large dog like Rottweiler, our subconscious will think that this kind of dog should be afraid of heat in summer, because its size is large, and its coat will make people feel very hot just by looking at it. Is Rottweiler afraid of heat? In fact, Rottweiler is a kind of relatively heat-resistant dog. They are not very afraid of heat, but they also sweat normally, so a cold bath can help them to get rid of heat.

    It should be a special feature of the Rottweiler that it is not afraid of heat in summer and cold in winter. Many owners who have raised the Rottweiler say that they take it out to play in winter and wet it when they come back. They think it will catch cold, but nothing happens. Therefore, the Rottweiler is in good health and very strong. As for taking a cold bath or letting it take a cold bath in summer We can help them to solve the hot problem by lying beside the fans. Of course, we must dry them after taking a cold bath. And don’t worry too much about their body odor, as long as they are cleaned up in time, it won’t have much impact. So for Rottweiler, they don’t always need to be taken to the air conditioning room. If they blow the air conditioning frequently, it may affect their own health problems.

    Their heat resistance is still good, so we don’t need to worry about it. We just need to take some ordinary measures to reduce the summer heat. We don’t need to let them blow the air conditioner constantly, or we will only make their physical fitness worse and worse.

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