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    With the continuous improvement of material level, not only our food, clothing, housing and transportation are getting better, but also our dog’s life is becoming more comfortable and comfortable. In the cold winter, what we see on the road is not only the multifarious clothes we wear, but also the dogs are covered with all kinds of clothes, which is very fashionable. But is Samoyed afraid of the cold? Do you really need to cover them with a thick coat?

    It’s not unreasonable for a dog like Samo that used to grow in the cold zone to have a long and thick coat. A coat is a sharp tool for them to resist the cold, and the dog’s body will adjust itself according to the changes of the weather. The cold weather can stimulate them to grow more densely and better. They can completely rely on their own to survive the cold winter. Not to mention how much heat preservation effect can be brought to them by the coat we give them. Static electricity is generated by the friction between the coat and the clothes after wearing the coat for a long time. We know whether too much static electricity is good for the body.

    Moreover, if the clothes are not cleaned for a long time, it is easy to breed bacteria and cause infection, which can cause skin diseases. Of course, there is no value in the existence of anything. Their coat is not only used to beautify their appearance, but also to resist the cold. So we don’t need to do more than that. Being too delicate will only make their resistance worse and worse.

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