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    The Asterophysus batrachus is a kind of catfish. They are lovely in appearance and have an amazing appetite. The adult whale can grow up to 60 cm and can devour fish as long as its body. So it’s not very suitable for mixed breeding, but many people are still attracted by the stupid appearance of the whale and want to start with it. Is it easy to keep a Asterophysus batrachus?

    Asterophysus batrachus not only forage in the middle and lower layers of the water body, but also often swim in the upper and middle layers of the water body. They also take the initiative to attack their prey, and they will kill each blow.

    The water temperature. The suitable water temperature are 25-29 degC. The water quality is pH neutral and slightly acidic. It is necessary to keep good water quality.

    Feed. Do not feed the fish with hard spines. The fish with hard spines will prick up the hard spines after swallowing, thus piercing the digestive tract and even the belly of the whale. Do not feed the fish with too strong vitality. The fish with too strong vitality will struggle strongly in the stomach of the whale, resulting in indigestion and even vomiting. Therefore, try to feed some soft fish without hard spines.

    Mixed breeding. Try not to mix them with other fish. The adult of the Asterophysus batrachus can reach 25-60cm, and any fish of the same size will become his delicious meal. Therefore, unless the species is mixed, it is better to raise Asterophysus batrachus alone.

    The skin. The skin of the Asterophysus batrachus are very delicate, and sometimes they will break or scratch accidentally. It’s better to keep a beaked whale without the enlarged angular caissons. In general, the Asterophysus batrachus has strong adaptability and is easy to raise. Although it can eat fish similar to its own, we should not challenge the big fish when feeding. It is easy to be indigestion.

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