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    Many people judge dogs’ character by their appearance, but many dogs can be said to be “ugly”. Some seemingly fierce dogs are quite docile. In our opinion, bulldog should be a kind of dog with rough character. Is British Bulldog fierce? In fact, after continuous cultivation, the grumpy character of Bulldog has been mostly eliminated, so the British Bulldog’s character is quite gentle.

    The origin of English Bulldog can be traced back to molucus dog, which is famous in the bullring. The English Bulldog, as its name suggests, was mainly used for bullfighting. Its ancestor was a kind of Bulldog named after the Molus tribe of ancient Greece. Since then, after selective cultivation, the personality has gradually become elegant, and gradually more people began to raise this kind of pet dog. The English Bulldog is full of charm and unique style. In 1840, bullfighting was banned by the British government, and the dog was used as a care dog and police dog. In the United States, an English Bulldog that contributes to the battle will be officially awarded the same level of medals as the military, and the rest will also be given material enjoyment. Today’s English Bulldogs look powerful and cold, as if they are ferocious and not easy to get close to. But in fact, today’s English Bulldogs are very gentle and kind. Today, the English Bulldog has become the companion dog of male friends’ performance style. The Bulldog is a fighting dog. The former Bulldog had a fierce character, but now it has been docile a lot.

    At present, although the British Bulldog has the fierce appearance of the original ancestors, but the temperament has become kind, the most loyal and obedient family. It is precisely because of the unique character and style of the English Bulldog that many people praise it as “a strong aesthetic feeling emanating from ugliness”. With the careful cultivation of breeders and the domestication of human beings, the British Bulldog’s character has become quite gentle, and this kind of dog is also loved by many dog owners, so the current British Bulldog is not fierce.

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