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    Shetland shepherd is a very elegant dog from the appearance, and the beautiful “Bib” attracts a lot of people’s attention. Judging from its appearance, we can feel that it is a kind of docile and obedient dog. Is it true? Is it true that it is obedient?

    As a whole, they are loyal, enthusiastic, outgoing, obedient and intelligent. They should be obedient dogs. However, the personality of Shetland shepherd will vary from breeder to breeder. In a word, it is closely related to the living environment of Shetland shepherd, the feeding mode and attitude of the breeder. Shetland shepherd is a loyal, passionate and very intelligent dog. The born optimists are easy to be with people and easy to train. So, it’s not hard for her to be obedient and smart.

    It should be fair and clear with rewards and punishments. When the dog behaves well, he should be praised by his parents. But when she is not obedient, the master also criticizes education. When Shetland shepherd bites the sofa, you can scold it well. When Shetland shepherd wants to climb the sofa, pick up the garbage basket, kick and urinate, you can also drink it loudly, so that Shetland shepherd can understand that those behaviors can not be done. With the continuation of life, let the dog slowly form a conditioned reflex, develop a good habit, and then it can become a good obedient dog.

    Therefore, Shetland shepherd itself is a kind of obedient and docile dog. Of course, the dog’s character mainly depends on the owner’s feeding method. If the owner dotes on the dog too much and obeys everything, it is easy to form the dog’s ruthless and unreasonable personality, so the owner must use the right method.

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