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    The intestines and stomachs of French dogs are really not good among all kinds of dogs. Part of the reason is the common disease of breed dogs. There is the possibility of catching a cold or eating something unsanitary. How can we judge? Is there a serious problem in thinning blood in stools?

    If French dogs suddenly thins and carries blood, it is likely that French dogs has some infectious diseases in this case. For example, canine distemper or smallness. Of course, if French dogs is ill, there will be other manifestations, such as fever, runny nose, dislike to eat, and mental weakness. In case of infectious diseases, it is necessary to take French dogs to the hospital for relevant examination and treatment in time, so that French dogs can recover.

    If there are a large number of parasites in French dogs body that are not regularly treated, French dogs will also have the phenomenon of thinning and blood. In this case, French dogs spirit is normal, but it seems to be becoming thinner and thinner. The owners want to relieve the symptoms and can give French dogs some drugs to drive the worms. As long as the parasites are killed, the symptoms can be relieved.

    Finally, because the stomach of the French Dog is relatively delicate, if the owner gives it some food that is not easy to digest, such as hard bones, then the French Dog will also cause thinning and there is a risk of blood, the owner can give the French Dog some drugs to regulate the stomach, such as probiotics, and the diet also needs to change to eat more soft and a little bit will be better.

    Finally, if the parents can’t control the situation of bloody stools, they must be sent to the pet hospital in time, otherwise the untimely treatment may cause the risk of death. Parents need to pay attention to it.

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