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    Pay attention to the age appropriate vaccines and deworming of deworming drugs are the work that needs to be carried out regularly in the process of keeping dogs. Is it safe for dogs in the process of vaccines and deworming? In fact, we all know that vaccines and anthelmintics have certain weak toxicity, so it is suggested to be carried out under the condition of dog’s health. Generally speaking, the first deworming can be done for puppies before the first vaccination, but many deworming drugs have applicable age limits. It’s mainly because the dogs who are too young may be poisoned after using these insect repellents.
    In fact, it’s not as urgent to help the dog deworming as the vaccine, because the pup’s physique is weak, without the protection of the vaccine, it’s easy to be damaged by the germs and thus infected with infectious diseases. Infectious diseases have a high mortality rate for puppies, so it’s important to vaccinate them regularly. The parasite has a much smaller impact than the infectious disease, so it can repel the dog a little later, which can also ensure the safety of the dog after medication. After reaching the applicable age range, the insect repellent will not have a great impact on puppies. Some dogs with poor stomach and intestines may suffer from mental distress or vomiting after taking the insect repellent. However, these problems usually recover after 2-3 days. As for external insect repellents, there is no danger as long as they are not licked by dogs.

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