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    Try not to feed dogs with raw food tubes. Many people have their own opinions on what food to feed dogs. Some people like to feed dog food; some people like to feed homemade food; some people like to feed dogs with raw food. The issue of feeding dogs raw food has been controversial. Some people say that feeding raw food to dogs is also good for the growth of dogs, so whether feeding raw food to dogs has an impact on the health of dogs.

    1. What is raw food? Raw food usually includes: animal derived refined meat (usually with bone), bone (intact or ground), internal organs (such as liver and kidney), raw eggs, raw vegetables, fruits, some unsterilized yoghurt or milk, and uncooked food before consumption.
    2. The American Veterinary Association states that because of the risk of disease to dogs and cats and humans, the American Veterinary Association does not support the feeding of any animal protein to dogs and cats that is not sterilized. Although the American Veterinary Association is aware of the development and application of new technologies and other methods, cooking or pasteurization by heating to make the center temperature of protein enough to kill pathogens is still the traditional way to kill pathogens in animal protein.
    3. FDA stated that the goal of protecting the public from major health risks is contrary to the FDA’s view that raw food for animals is used to feed domestic pets, especially when the product is brought into the home; however, we understand that some people prefer to feed pets. 4. The Centers for Disease Control and prevention states that it is not recommended to eat raw food, especially raw meat, because the risk of Salmonella and other infectious diseases can infect pets and their owners. Many animal research institutions also do not recommend raw food for dogs.
    5. According to the statement of American College of veterinary nutritionists, advocates of raw food claim that its benefits range from prolonging life to improving oral or general health, and even curing diseases (especially gastrointestinal diseases). Another often mentioned benefit is the ability to provide natural digestive enzymes and other substances that may be altered or destroyed by cooking. However, the benefits of these claims have not yet been proven, and no published, peer-reviewed research can support the claims of raw food advocates. In general, raw meat (rather than other uncooked foods such as grains or starches) is easier to digest than cooked meat. There are risks and concerns in feeding raw food. One of the risks is nutritional imbalance – the state of home-made and commercial raw meat diets. Another important risk is bacterial and parasitic pollution. Of course, food poisoning is also an important concern for people, and the public health (impact) of feeding raw food to pets should not be ignored. Safe and proper handling of raw food is very important to reduce risk, but safety cannot be guaranteed. At this time, most of the legendary benefits of raw food feeding have not been verified, but the risks and adverse consequences have been confirmed. It’s best to discuss raw food with your veterinarian so that you can make a wise choice in your pet’s diet.

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