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    Samoye is a large white dog, which can be said to be white to shiny. So when Samoye is a little bit dirty, he feels particularly dirty, just like people can’t bear to be dirty in white clothes. The most influential factor on Samoye’s face value should be tears. The red and yellow tears are particularly prominent on the face. Today, let’s talk about how to find a way to get out the tears. Is there any way to remove tears in Samoa?

    If you want to remove tears, you need to control the salt absorption of Samoye. Don’t feed Samoye with high salt, additives or preservatives. Diet should be light and low salt. Dog food is the food that Samoye eats every day. When choosing dog food, parents are advised to choose a light and low salt dog food with deep sea fish oil, so as to help Samoye hair get rid of tears. Try not to feed people’s leftovers, because Samoye’s physique is different from that of people. If you eat it for a long time, there will be tears and unbalanced nutrition!

    In addition to the problem of diet control, it is recommended to wipe Samoye’s eyes at ordinary times, and then wipe it with warm water every morning. The best way is to buy some eyedrops for it. In addition to cleaning the eyes every day, if you have time, you’d better give some massage to the eyes, effectively dredge and reduce tears, and there is still water can’t be broken. Also, we need to help Samoye clean his ears at ordinary times. Because the pain in the deep part of the ear canal will extend around the eyes and stimulate the secretion of lacrimal glands, which will cause tear marks. If the tear mark is caused by ear infection, it is recommended to see a pet doctor and choose the right treatment method. Do not treat it by yourself, which will lead to drug resistance of ear disease and make it more difficult to treat the ear disease!

    Samoye’s tear mark interferes with the hair, and it can’t be wiped off after a long time. Therefore, in the process of treatment, we need to cut off the hair that has been infected with tear mark, and then grow white hair.

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