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    Welsh Corgi small short legged which is a very popular pet nowadays, many people are attracted by their cute appearance, and more and more people keep them. However, many people will have the question “is it easy to train” and “is the IQ of Corgi high or low” before raising Corgi. Today we will study the IQ of Welsh Corgi together.

    In fact, you don’t need much effort to see Welsh Corgi because they are in the top 11. As long as the difficulty is not too high, they can learn in a short time, and if the difficulty is high, the owners may need to spend a little more time to train the dog. So if you want to have a Welsh Corgi, you don’t have to worry about how hard it is to train.

    2. Small dogs can also be used as guard dogs. Although Welsh Corgi dogs are not very big, they are stable, brave, intelligent and alert. They are super popular small guard dogs. In addition, in many people’s eyes, small dogs may be noisy, but Welsh Corgi dogs are not. They are gentle dogs. You don’t need to worry about their “wind”.

    3. Sports are also separated and combined. Welsh Corgi have a strong ability of outdoor activities. Some people may worry that they will use up their energy by rummaging through the boxes and cupboards, grabbing furniture and other ways at home after seeing their outdoor activities. But in fact, you will hardly see the above behaviors of adult Welsh Corgi at home. They usually only “follow their heart” when they are outdoors.

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