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    Xiphophorus hellerii is a kind of tropical fish, its origin is in Mexico, Guatemala and other regions. The prominent feature is that there is a long spike under the tail fin of male fish, which looks like a sword. It looks fierce, but in fact, they are gentle and can be mixed with many small fish. Fish body color is more diverse, including orange, green, yellow and so on, very gorgeous. The adult is about 10 cm long.

    Feeding of Xiphophorus hellerii

    Xiphophorus hellerii can survive at 16-18 degC, but the suitable growth temperature is 24-26 degC. The incubator should be equipped with heat preservation heating rod, and the aquarium with filtration system need not change water frequently. It is better to ensure the same temperature and quality of the new water. One third of the water can be changed each time. It is mainly to use the siphon principle to suck out the residual food and dirt at the bottom of the fish tank. When changing the water, slowly pour the new water along the wall of the fish tank to avoid the fish’s stress reaction. The pH value of Xiphophorus hellerii water was controlled at 7-7.2. Their favorite foods include Daphnia, prawns, earthworms and so on.

    Xiphophorus hellerii can be sexually mature from June to August. It breeds every 4-5 weeks. It gives birth to 20-30 babies for the first time, and then increases gradually.

    Xiphophorus hellerii in the selection of fish species, generally according to the dark red and Tian Hong two directions of selection, without leaving other colors. The apple Xiphophorus hellerii should not be mixed with the green sword, especially with the male Xiphophorus hellerii. Otherwise, a large number of this fish will be cultivated. The female should see whether the body shape is smooth or not (those with short overlapping bones can’t pick). If the front abdomen is bulged, check whether there is fetal spot. Those without fetal spot may have limbic or other diseases, not included. Those with red spots can be selected, and those with dark spots and black spots can not be selected either because they are not red in body color or red eyes.

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