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    It’s very important for dogs to follow the training. Basically, the current owners have a relatively fixed time to take their dogs out for a walk or play, so it’s also very important for dogs to do their accompanying work well. Some people may think that keeping dogs around all the time will affect their exercise. This will reduce the amount of exercise, but we can use time to make up for it, and do the accompanying work well, the benefits will be more meaningful. First of all, we need to take our dogs out for a walk every day.

    In fact, accompanying is a very important activity, which includes:
    1. The establishment and consolidation of leadership and LED status.
    2. Basic social etiquette for going out.
    3. It’s not only physical work, but also mental work for dogs.

    Therefore, it can be said that doing a good job of accompanying dogs is a lot of benefits. For a really good companion, we should ask the dog to walk beside the owner in a relaxed and stable way, no more than the owner (of course, it is not allowed to rush or drag), no looking around, no running, no sniffing and smelling the ground, no marking at will, and no big reaction to other animals. Some of them, looking around, smelling, marking and seeing other animals excited, are often ignored by parents. Some people may think that dogs are like this. It’s true that these are the nature of dogs, but nature doesn’t mean that dogs have to do it. In fact, dogs just don’t know what you want them to do, so they do things according to their own instincts. Some of these instincts are not conducive to the establishment of the relationship between dogs and owners, and some of them will bring great troubles to owners. So we should tell dogs that accompanying is actually a task for them and a job we give them. When accompanying, if the dog learns to pay attention to the owner, it will be conducive to the establishment of the owner’s position in the dog’s mind. For the dog, it needs to pay attention to the owner’s pace, speed, and direction of travel at all times, which virtually cultivates the dog’s high attention, obedience and continuous consumption of the dog’s brain power. If it takes an hour to take the dog out for a walk at will, it will take only half an hour for him to have a quality companion.

    Following the training essentials and looking around with the rope, the dog’s freedom and laxity are cultivated. Other dogs, other people and everything else are more attractive than the owner. The distraction of attention is not conducive to the training of calling back orders. It will learn to ignore or ignore the owner’s actions. Excessive sniffing and marking are the behaviors of dogs to divide their territory. Such behaviors mean that dogs are telling their owners that I am the leader. This place, including you, is mine. If a group of dogs go out, you will never see every male dog marking at will. In fact, only one dog can mark, that is, the leader dog, and the other dogs will not lift their legs in front of him. From now on, don’t be dragged by your dog to every tree or electric pole to see him lift his legs and tell him that he can’t, that is to say, I am your owner. Maybe it’s a little harsh for dogs. In fact, we are just trying to let dogs learn what a leader dog should do. For your dogs, such a master is more reliable than a master who can be dragged around at will.

    Dogs need leadership and rules, so our requirements can well cultivate a dog’s leadership, and this is more powerful for us. Not only will our position in the dog’s heart be promoted, but also we can relatively avoid many unnecessary troubles.

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