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    When a pet dog goes to the hospital, the doctor usually says to stick out his tongue. From the tongue, we can see his physical condition. We must not know. The dog’s tongue can also see his health! How to see the health condition from the dog’s tongue?

    The normal tongue color of dogs is generally light red, with slight tongue coating, uniform tongue coating, moderate dry and wet tongue quality, not slippery and not dry. The color of the tongue is red in summer and light in winter. However, a few breeds of golden retrievers have dark red or black tongue, which should be distinguished.

    1. The color of tongue is white, which means that Qi and blood are insufficient. Malnutrition, anemia, excessive blood loss or parasitosis are common in dogs. Pale tongue indicates extreme weakness.

    2. If the tongue color is red, it means blood fever, which is often seen in heat sensitive infectious diseases. The color of the tongue is purplish red in the later stage of heat-induced infectious diseases and volvulus of intestines.

    3. The color of the tongue is yellow, which means damp heat. The color of dark yellow is more common in chronic hepatitis. Orange is more common in acute hepatitis and blood parasitosis. The change of tongue color can provide a reference for initial diagnosis, and the diagnosis must be carried out in hospital.

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