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    For us, any idea can be expressed well through words. But dogs are not the same. Their “language” is too difficult to understand, so many times we can’t understand what they are trying to express. Many misunderstandings in the process of raising dogs are caused by our inability to judge the state and mood of dogs, so we need to understand their ideas through another way besides language. Although we can’t understand the dog’s language, their rich behavior can give us a lot of hints. It’s not hard to find that in the process of getting along with dogs, their ears usually show various states, which is one of the ways to understand their emotions. Knowing the meaning of these States, it will help us to raise dogs.

    Relaxed state: The so-called relaxed state refers to the most natural way for them. Usually, the dog’s ears do not have a fixed directivity at this time. Generally, they stand up naturally or lean to one side powerlessly. This shows that they are relaxed and comfortable now. At this time, the host can play with them or touch them, which will make them feel very happy.

    Focus state: When a dog is interested in something, his ears will stand up, and usually in the front. At this time, their mouth will also show a slightly open state, and their eyes will also focus on the target.

    Alert state: In this case, the dog’s ears are similar to the situation of concentration state, but at this time, their bodies usually show a tight state, and the ears will move in all directions from time to time, and the tail may also be raised.

    Excited or nervous state: Dogs with two emotions usually have their ears close to the rear. To distinguish these two emotions, we usually need to observe their physical state. Excited dogs may jump around happily; nervous dogs may find a quiet corner to lie down. Although dogs can’t speak, we can judge their emotions by side-by-side, so as to take care of them more properly.

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