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    Gradually into the autumn and winter season, exquisite owners also began to carry out various supplements for their dogs. As the weather gradually turns cold, the owners often worry about whether the dog will be frozen, how to keep the dog warm better, and whether there is any special emphasis on the breeding at this time?

    1. Basic knowledge: Are dogs afraid of cold in winter? First time pet owners often ask this question, but it’s hard to answer it in one sentence. Generally speaking, newly born puppies and weak dogs are generally afraid of cold, while most healthy and adult dogs have considerable cold resistance. In the same way, the cold resistance of large dogs (shepherds, police dogs, Tibetan Mastiffs) is better than that of small dogs, while the long haired dogs are better than the short haired and hairless dogs, and the young are better than the old. Therefore, we should not be afraid of the cold in the end. We should not generalize. It is different from dog to dog. In addition, it is also normal for dogs to shed their hair in winter. Autumn and winter are the seasons when they change their hair. But you also need to observe carefully. If dogs shed a lot of hair and behave strangely and itchily at the same time, they are tickling from time to time, which is likely to be skin disease.

    2. We should pay attention to what we eat and how much we eat or the old saying “dogs are afraid of heat, not afraid of cold”. They have survived the unbearable summer with a good appetite in autumn, so they open up their appetite and eat. Even if you have more dog food, it will be wiped out, even if they are not satisfied, which makes us happy. But the more this time, the more you are We should teach it to be abstemious, so as not to cause indigestion, or to eat too fat, which is harmful to health. In addition, the weather is cold and the food heats up quickly, so we should eat it quickly, especially meat food, so as not to freeze the fat. In autumn and winter, the dog can open the meat supply properly, so as to accumulate appropriate fat and prepare for the winter cold.

    3. About going out for a walk. Autumn and winter are also the time when dogs have frequent colds. Most dogs are not afraid of the cold. It is unnecessary to wear thick dog clothes to hinder their actions. However, many small pet dogs, such as Chihuahua, have poor cold resistance. Every time, you still wear thick clothes to them before going out. There is a lot of rain in autumn, so you’d better take them with you Take an umbrella or a dog’s Raincoat. You should know that a wet dog is most likely to catch a cold. In case you are caught in the rain due to negligence, dry it with a dry towel after you go home. A hair dryer can be a good tool, and then you can take it to a warm room or next to the heater. You can also take some ginger soup to keep out the cold. If you’re not sure, you can take some A cold medicine is a precaution.

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