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    In the past, many people used to keep dogs to watch their homes and protect their homes, but now most people keep dogs to accompany them. However, the life span of dogs is relatively short. If you want dogs to accompany you for a long time, you’d better start sports from an early age. Of course, dogs who have entered the old age should not give up exercise, so what should be paid attention to in the exercise of old dogs?

    Three roads for dogs to walk
    1. Flat and easy to walk. Take old dogs out for a walk. The choice of road is very important. If you give dogs a steep road up and down, it will cause damage to their knee joints. The joints are painful for them, so it’s better to take a road with little ups and downs.

    2. The road with few people and cars. For the old dogs whose vision and hearing are declining, the crowded road or the place with plenty of traffic will bring them invisible pressure, so the place with few people and cars can make them walk less tense.

    3. Choosing a quiet road. In fact, the restlessness is different from dog to dog, but the old dog sometimes hates meeting other dogs, so if you choose a quiet road, you don’t have to worry about so much, and you are not afraid that it will conflict with other dogs.

    Elderly dogs should pay attention to walking:
    1. Don’t forget the equipment. To take the dog out for a walk. The most important thing to remember is the water bottle. It’s very important to replenish water in time during exercise. There are also bags for dogs’ poop. Towels can avoid dogs’ sweating and suffering from cold, and can also bring a small amount of snacks.

    2. Warm up is very important. For old dogs, although walking is not a fierce exercise, after all, it will not walk so many times at home, so it is very important to warm up. Before walking, touch the dog’s foot joints and body, let it warm up, and avoid movement injury.

    3. The most important thing for dogs to be happy is to let dogs enjoy the whole process, so don’t just think about how much you have to do, just accompany dogs for a good walk, and spread leisurely can increase each other’s feelings, which is great for both of you.

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