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    Husky Puppies in many places, the changes in the four seasons will be very obvious, especially the changes in temperature. To ensure Husky’s health in the four seasons, it is necessary to constantly change the management focus according to the changes in the four seasons, and make a judgment on Husky’s health according to Husky’s physical changes.

    1. Husky’s health management in spring. Spring is the most suitable season for raising Husky Puppies because of the good climate and less special diseases. At this time, it is the best time of the year to pay no special attention to heat preservation for puppies. With the warm weather day by day, the winter hair will gradually fall off, so every morning you should use a comb and brush to remove the hair, take three baths a month, and pay special attention to the period of rabies injection and dog registration in April every year.

    2. Husky’s health management in summer. Dog is a kind of animal with strong cold resistance and poor heat resistance. The high temperature in summer makes it feel painful and uncomfortable. At this time, you may as well shave your hair short. Due to good ventilation, it can prevent skin diseases, as well as the parasitism of insects and fleas. It is also easy to take a bath. You may as well wash it once a week. There are many diseases in summer, such as osteoenteropathy, food poisoning, heat radiation disease, solar radiation disease, mosquito borne heartworm disease, eczema, etc., so we should take special care of them, and don’t forget to supply them with fresh water at any time.

    3. Husky’s health management in autumn is also in the period of rabies prevention injection. Don’t forget to take the injection. In this season of the year, the appetite is the most vigorous. With this opportunity, we can eliminate the fatigue in summer and strengthen the physical strength in winter, especially for the indoor dogs living in the apartment. Because of too much food and lack of exercise, it is easy to lead to skin obesity. We should pay special attention to give full exercise. Autumn is the season for dogs to change clothes. The hair of the whole body falls off badly. In addition to removing the coat with a comb and brush, proper amount of vitamin E should be given to promote the growth of new hair.

    4. Husky’s health management in winter. Winter is a terrible season of cold and canine distemper. Indoor small dogs should pay attention to heat preservation. Outdoor dogs’ eaves and windshields should be rechecked. Pay attention to heat preservation. When dogs sleep, their heads must be outside the quilt. Take a walk only in the daytime, at night or when the weather is bad, be sure to wear a “coat”. More fat in the food to increase calories. When there is sun, sunbathe.

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