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    Don’t disturb the elderly dog to rest. The time for dogs of different sizes to enter the old age will be different. Generally speaking, the average age is about seven, and the dog will officially enter the old age. Their body skills will slowly start to change, their actions will gradually become slow, and their vitality will not be the same as before. Dogs are accompanied by us from childhood to old age. It is believed that most owners have deep feelings for dogs, so what we can do next is to do a good job in raising old dogs and make them live longer as much as possible.

    1. Don’t neglect dogs. For dogs entering the aging stage, psychological enrichment may be more important than others. Dogs have deep feelings and attachment to their families and owners. At this time, the owner should take as much time as possible to accompany the dog. When it makes mistakes, such as defecating at home in an abnormal way, don’t blame it and cause psychological burden to it. Please believe that it cherishes this family as much as you do. It’s impossible to hold back such abnormality.

    2. Still need regular life. Don’t easily change the dog’s original work and rest habits. If the dog needs to sleep and rest, don’t disturb it casually. In addition to the diet may need to make some adjustments, other or should be consistent with the previous. Take a proper walk and exercise every day, but you can reduce the amount of exercise properly, and don’t do too intense exercise.

    3. Tooth care. Dogs should brush their teeth with special toothware 1-2 times a week, feed high-quality dog food, grind their teeth with special toys and clean their teeth. If calculus has been formed, it should be cleaned in a reliable hospital. But when the old dog is anesthetized, it has an effect on the liver and kidney, so do not clean your teeth too frequently. If the gums are inflamed, see a doctor as soon as possible. For the elderly dogs, the food should not be too hard, and soft food may easily cause food residues, so we must pay attention to the care of teeth. Regular physical examination for dogs, pay attention to their health status

    4. Bone Care. After dogs enter the old age, they can properly supplement calcium and care for their bones. Middle and large dogs should pay more attention to this problem. Old dogs’ joints are stiff and aging. If they are found to be limping, they should go to the hospital for examination. Excessive obesity will make the dog’s bones overburdened, so we must lose weight. We can choose the special food for reducing weight and increase the amount of exercise properly. However, dogs with joint problems should reduce the amount of exercise, promote blood circulation and slow down aging. It can be described as calcium tablet, nutrition cream and other supplements that can help the joints at ordinary times, but they should also be fed in proper amount, not too frequently.

    5. Food selection. The food of old dogs should be soft, easy to digest, high in calcium, low in phosphorus, high in quality protein and proper in cellulose. It is suggested to select the special dog food with reliable quality. If there are other diseases, professional formula should be selected.

    6. Regular physical examination. Because many disease problems have certain potential, it’s hard to find any clue for a while, so it’s necessary to check the dog regularly. After all, compared with the treatment of disease, the prevention of disease is more meaningful. In a word, we should try our best not to make old dogs feel lonely. We should pay more attention to diet, nursing and sports than before. The most important thing is the dog’s health problem. We should try our best to prevent diseases and let the dog live a healthy old age.

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