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    Yorkshire pup has beautiful hair. Many people like to braid and make various shapes for Yorkshire. This kind of small puppy needs the owner’s careful care. Hurry to follow Xiaobian to see how to take care of the diet of Yorkshire puppies.

    1. Pay attention to chicken bones and fish bones. Do not let Yorkshire Yorkshire puppies have the chance to swallow chicken bones, ribs or fish bones, because they will stay in the throat, and then break up. If they do not stay in the throat, they will slide into the body and pierce the stomach wall and intestines.

    2. Don’t eat leftovers. Don’t let Yorkshire puppies eat people’s leftovers, because the dog needs different nutrition from human beings. If human diet is used to regulate dog food, it will not only take time and effort, but also it is difficult for dogs to get complete and balanced nutrition.

    3. Training control snacks. Do not give Yorkshire puppies snacks between meals. If they obey other training, they can be given a little snacks to encourage them.

    4. Don’t eat at the table. Remember not to let Yorkshire puppies eat at the table, because it will develop a bad habit of begging. Special food can only be fed at the appointed time and place, and the food can only be put in the bowl of Yorkshire puppies, and can’t be fed with other food utensils. In addition, don’t forget to provide enough and clean water for your dog.

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