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    In spring and autumn, the dog’s hair changes twice a year. In the dry autumn, the dog’s hair will gradually increase. At this time, the owner needs to take good care of their coat.

    1. Take a bath once a week. For dog bath, use the bath liquid specially for dog, not for human use. Many people know to bathe the dog, but they often don’t wash it clean. The bath liquid left in the hair often makes the dog get skin disease.

    2. Comb the hair every day. For poodles (details) and other long haired dogs, dredge the hair, comb off the dust and prevent knots at least 5 minutes every day. In addition, poodle and Bichon dogs need to trim and dye their hair. It’s better to go to a professional dog salon about 2 months.

    3. Pay attention to dog food supplement. Dog food is the only supplement. High quality dog food is enough to give the dog balanced nutrition, which is also the basic key to ensure the dog hair bright. At the beginning of this season, you can give your dog some imported special hair oil and powder.

    4. Do you find that your male dogs always like to hold your legs? This is a normal physiological phenomenon. The estrus period is coming. To understand it, touch its head, a little comfort can be. Of course, it’s better to go to a professional pet hospital for a small operation.

    5. Pay attention to keep dogs warm. In autumn, with big temperature difference in the morning and evening. If a cub under three months old wants to keep warm and cold, he should add a mat and a towel. Of course, the dog’s cotton nest should also be prepared.

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