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    We all know that pets have a lot of benefits and fun. When you are happy and unhappy, you can share it with these friends who can’t speak, and you can decompress it by talking to the pets. American experts who study the human brain also believe that “speaking out negative feelings can reduce the response of brain tissue to strong emotions such as fear and panic, activate the brain area that controls emotional impulse, and help reduce sadness and anger”.

    The meaning of pets to people is not just playmates, especially when you have no one to talk to, pets are definitely the best listeners, but also the most serious listeners. They will not change into “military division” to affect your judgment, and will definitely keep secrets for you.

    Don’t interpret sharing secrets with pets as “loneliness”. Pets are sometimes more effective than human listeners. They will really empathize with your emotions and show more body language, such as licking your hand, giving you some comfort and making you feel comfortable and relaxed. Foreign studies have also found that in the face of pets, women are more likely to expose their pain without hesitation, even cry, shout, or nag, which is the fastest way to regulate emotions and help relieve psychological stress.

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