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    Don’t let the action between dogs be too intense. When dogs play with each other, it is also a social training for them. Dogs play with each other is nothing but skirmishes, but once we have exceeded a certain limit, we should stop such behavior as soon as possible, otherwise it will make dogs have a wrong cognition. The same kind of behavior has a certain impact on the dogs playing with them. These dogs may be more likely to behave unkindly to other people or dogs in order to protect themselves in the future. Therefore, when two dogs are playing with each other, the owner should also pay attention to whether the dog’s behavior is too fierce.
    If one dog is forced to step back by another dog, or press on the ground to “fight”, the owner needs to stop such behavior immediately and call the dog back to his side. If one dog is disgusted or even afraid because of the fierce behavior of another dog, it will not be good for social training. On the one hand, it may cause the dog’s self-confidence to expand and his behavior to be more unbridled, and he may not only be the dog in front of him in the future. This kind of play may not be a big deal to us. Maybe the play between dogs is such a way.
    Even so, dogs will not think that such behavior can only be implemented for other dogs. Once they transfer such behavior to people, it will do harm to others. Therefore, the behavior of dogs should be controlled within a safe range. A good behavior is not only good for itself, but also good for other dogs. Dogs will learn from each other. When the wrong behavior is stopped, dogs will get along with each other more politely, and will not be mistaken for an aggressive or provocative posture because of their enthusiasm, causing unnecessary trouble. Pay more attention to this point of feeding, usually pay attention to good, do not let the dog’s behavior is too intense.

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